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February 04 2012

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what ever happens , good or bad .
you're the first person i want to tell everything to..
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i feel like i'm surrounded by fake people all the fucking time.
even someone of my closest friends seem a bit sketchy .
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maybe i'm scared because you mean more to me than any other person . you are everything i think about , everything i want .
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middle finger up to the sky.
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if someone truly loves you , they will never give you a reason to doubt it .
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November 11 2011

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i want to be the first and the last, the future and the past.
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hey, you're cute. i like you.
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family first, always.
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i miss you :'(
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smile at the bitch who brings you down, laugh at all the haters, and point a middle finger at the idiots who think they're better.
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one dayy
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when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
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they'll tell you everything you'll ever want to hear. they make you fall for them, then one day, they'll decide that they don't even want you anymore.
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'i miss you'

then start acting like it .
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yes, i'm jealous.
why ?
'cause she's beautiful, and i'm well, me.
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you cannot buy love<3

August 20 2011

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and as soon as you stop thinking about the, they'l send you a text message or they'll call you 'cause they know you stopped thinking about them.
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chilvary never died . the gentleman in you did .
— rules of a gentleman
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August 17 2011

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